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Oak Hill Master Plan Committee
Committee Charge:
The Oak Hill Master Plan Committee shall consist of 9 total members.  One member from each of the following boards: Planning Board, Conservation, Affordable Housing, Historic Commission and 5 Citizens at Large.

The goal of the Board of Selectmen is to appoint a well-balanced committee that will provide a comprehensive master plan for the 66 acre Oak Hill Parcel which will remain consistent with the 2010 Town Master Plan, 2010 Open Space and Recreation Plan and the 2012 Community Preservation Plan.

The Committee will be charged with determining the best possible use(s) of the parcel with specific concentration on housing, open space preservation, active and passive recreation and historic preservation.

John Abbott
Susan E. Carter, Planning Board Representative
John Edward
Jonathan Fielding
Paul F. Gleason
Frances T. McDougall
David J. McLachlan, Conservation Commission Representative
George L. Merrill
Philip Stanway

Presentation to the Board of Selectmen 1/28/2013