Raffle & Bazaar Permits

RaffleRaffle & Bazaar Permit Application & Instructions

Questions to answer before applying for a permit

1. Name and Address of your Organization.

2. Is or organization a nonprofit / charitable organization as defined in MGL Ch. 271, Sec. 7A?
Please refer to the list below:
a. Veterans organization
b. Church or religious organization
c. Fraternal or fraternal benefit society
d. Educational or charitable organization
e. Civic or service club or organization
f. Club or organization organized and operated exclusively for pleasure, recreation and other nonprofit purposes, no part of the net earnings inures to the benefit of any member or shareholder

A “public charity,” must be in compliance with MGL Ch. 12 & 68.

A “nonprofit” entity has a charitable purpose and benefits an indefinite number of people.

Bazaar3. You may be asked to provide evidence that your organization has been actively functioning as a nonprofit organization in the commonwealth for a period of not less than two years. (ex., tax returns or bank records)

4. Has your organization been issued a raffle/bazaar permit from the Town of Chelmsford in the last 2 years?

5. Has your organization filed an Annual Report with the Town of Chelmsford for the previous permits following expiration (1 year after the issuance of the permit)?

If you have not already done so, an Annual Report must be filed before the next permit may be issued.

6. Has your organization had a raffle/bazaar permit revoked in the last 3 years?

7. Has your organization held more than 3 bazaars in a calendar year?

8. Do you have permission from the organization to seek a permit on their behalf?

9. You may be asked to provide a letter of authorization.

10. Have three officers of the organization signed the application?

a. The same three people will need to sign the annual report following the expiration of the permit.

11. Have you indicated the use of the proceeds in detail?

If permit application information changes after being submitted, you need to inform us so the application can be evaluated with the new information.

12. Is bingo/beano being held at the bazaar?

13. Is your organization aware of the law that applies to raffles and bazaars? (MGL Ch. 271, Sec. 7A)

14. Have you reviewed Questions and Answers on Nonprofit Gaming Events?

15. Have you reviewed the regulations, 940 CMR 12.00 (large raffles: one in which the ticket price is more than $10.00 or the prize is greater than $10,000) and 940 CMR 13.00 (Bazaars), if they apply?

If not, please let us know if you need a copy of the regulations.Tickets

16. Within 10 days after holding the event, the organization must report to the Lottery Commission its gross proceeds, expenses and net proceeds and pay a 5% TAX on the gross proceeds.
a. This is an excise tax on wagering and applies to all groups. Your non-profit status does not exempt you from this tax, rather, your non-profit status allows you to qualify for the permit.
b. Interest and penalties may be assessed on late tax returns.

17. Within 30 days of the permit’s expiration (1 year after the issuance), the organization must file 2 copies of a financial report with the Town Clerk certified by the 3 officers on the application and an accountant.