CLERK Internship Program

Community Leadership through Education, Responsibility, and Kindness

2018 Intern
Alexya Lee 2017-18

Alexya Lee, Innovation Academy 2019

My name is Lexy Lee, and I’m a senior at Innovation Academy Charter School in Tyngsboro. In college, I am planning on double majoring in political science and environmental science, but I have also always loved learning about English, history, and archaeology, so I am considering adding a minor in one of those. I am also hoping to study law after I graduate from college. Although I have not yet found out what schools I’m accepted into, my first choice college is Mount Holyoke, then Smith College, and University of Vermont. Outside of school, I do theater, Girl Scouts, Model UN, create paper pulp paintings, and travel. I also like to try and make things better within my school community. At my school, I worked on a no idling campaign and created permanent signs; I worked on an invasive species campaign and hosted a school wide day where we removed Oriental Bittersweet from our campus. I also hosted Banned Books Week at my school, made important reforms to a system we had where students gave final presentations on their learning at the end of the year, and persuaded the middle school to incorporate a history on Japanese internment camps in the U.S. into their curriculum. Currently I am working on starting a literary and arts magazine at my school as a part of my Girl Scout Gold Award. While interning in the Town Clerk’s office, I worked often on elections, organizing important paperwork, and, my favorite of all, cataloging the historic documents in the vault.

2017 Intern
Tanvi Rane - 2017 Intern CHS

Tanvi Rane, CHS 2018

2016 Interns

 Jeffrey Taylor IMG_1975_thumb.jpg 

2015 Interns 

Kate Becca 

2014 Interns

Carl Andrew Eric 

2013 Interns

Benjamin Dickinson, UMASS Lowell & Methuen High School '10; Hendrik Mahling, Leibniz University (Hannover, Germany) & Chelmsford High School '11; Megan Shea, UMASS Lowell & Chelmsford High School '11; Sourabh Marathe, Northeastern University & Chelmsford High School '13; Timothy Feeley, Endicott College & Chelmsford High School '11; Alanna Woodlock, The Academy of Notre Dame '14; Jeffrey You, Chelmsford High School '14; Devin Steele, Wentworth Institute of Technology & Chelmsford High School '12; Meaghan McCormack, Chelmsford High School '14 

2012 Intern

Shawn Mok
Shawn Mok, The George Washington University & Bishop Guertin High School '12

Community Leadership through Education, Responsibility, and Kindness

The Chelmsford Town Clerk's Office mentors interns interested in government, business administration, political science, history, law, archival studies, social work, communications, and many other disciplines. The Community Leadership through Education, Responsibility, and Kindness (CLERK) Internship Program is a year-round opportunity for high school students, college students, post graduates, and professionals to gain valuable experience working in local government. The Program is modeled on citizen leadership, where interns gain professional skills while contributing to Chelmsford's local government as active participants and community representatives.

The Town Clerk strongly encourages interested individuals to contact the office for more information about the application process and specific opportunities available. Internships are generally seasonal, with a fall, spring, and summer term. The office is flexible and customizes each internship to individual interests. An exciting, challenging, supportive, citizen-driven, creative and collaborative environment awaits.

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