Health Department

  1. Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Screening January 29 2019. Registration Required.

    See attached Flyer Additional Info...
  2. Heart Pond Public Health Advisory - see Notice attached

    Issued by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health 617-624-5757. Website at'dph/fishadvisories Additional Info...
  3. Walk-in FLU Clinics three Tuesdays in December 2018

    Board of Health Walk-in FLU Clinics three (3) Tuesdays in December 2018 at the Town Hall, Room 102. See attached flyer. 978-250-5241 Additional Info...

Health Department Screening

The Health Department conducts various health screenings, health fairs, vaccine immunization programs, and inspects sanitary regulations at establishments selling food and drink including mobile food vendors.

Inspections are also done at camps, apartment housing / lodging, swimming pools, and tanning establishments. The Health Department also tests water at town beaches, approves design plans before building permits are issued and is responsible for environmental concerns such as mosquito control and sharps collection.

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